Keep track of the time you spend working on specific tasks with Markosoft's Time Clock. Use the Time Clock to set up quick keys for clocking in and out of common tasks, configure different hourly rates for each job you are working on, and print out invoices for your time. The Time Clock's timesheets can also be saved into Microsoft's Excel application.

Publisher description

Because keeping track of the time one spends working on individual tasks is often a tedious and time consuming job in and of itself, a tool that minimizes the time spent tracking time can be very valuable. Markosoft's Time Clock simplifies the capturing of time data and makes the process of tracking time and creating invoices as simple as clicking a button. And, the Time Clock's recently expanded reporting features create high resolution professional looking timesheet and invoice printouts. With the Time Clock you can set up Quick Buttons, which allows you to easily clock in and out of commonly performed tasks. If you need a task that is not already configured, the Miscellaneous Task button allows you to add the new task to your invoice on the fly. Separate headers and rates can be set for each individual project and invoices can be viewed or printed from within the application. If you prefer to use a spreadsheet for your time documentation, the Time Clock's Invoice Page can be saved directly into Microsoft's Excel application.

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